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Mug Club 2018 by Stray Cat Studio

In a cultural climate fraught with "insiders" and "outsiders", we invited our Mug Club 2018 artists to contemplate how they have experienced this cultural climate, or have been an "outsider" in their own lives. Join us on this adventure.

January: Amber Symmonds

March: Renée Suhr

May: Vince Kurnel

July: Matt Kroh

September: Yoko Sekino-Bové

November: Josh Hassan

For more details, please contact Stray Cat Studio in Beaver Falls, PA


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to Apr 22

Solo exhibition "Mixed Signals"

Mixed Signals

The artist explores the complexities of cultural mores and human interactions through her personal experience. This exhibition is open during the NCECA Pittsburgh conference.

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts


6300 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 412-361-0873, center.pfpca.org, Hours: Tue-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 12-4pm

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to Mar 31

"Funny Clay" at Borelli Edwards Galleries during NCECA Pittsburgh 2018

A group exhibition that explores the power of humor as a gateway to a world of doubt through a search for a conceptual format of object, material, text, and image. Chuck Aydlett, Marina Kuchinski, Shari McWilliams, Yoko Sekino-Bove. Organized by Marina Kuchinski. Mar 1-31*(open during the NCECA Pittsburgh conference).

Borelli Edwards Galleries

3583 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA, 412-687-2606, begalleris.com, Hours: Mon-Tue 11am-6pm, Wed 10am-6pm, Thu-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm.

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to Feb 26


January is the time to celebrate rituals that warm your heart: enjoying a cup of tea while reading a good book, sipping coffee while watching the snow fall and toasting friends in the new year with assorted libations. We invite you to participate in CUPful featuring over 400 cups and mugs handcrafted by local, regional and national artists. Back by popular demand, this show is in its 4th year.

Please contact Cedar Creek Gallery for more information:


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to Dec 31

Simple Cup Show 2017 11th Annual at Seward Park Clay Studio and KOBO Gallery

Seward Park Clay Studio and KOBO Gallery in Seattle, Washington invite you to our 11th Simple Cup Invitational, a much anticipated annual event in Seattle. We have celebrated the work of several hundred artists from North America, Japan and Korea, and we'd like to feature your work this year.

The seemingly diminutive cup is in fact a very individual and personal pot. It is amazing that artists find ways of expressing themselves uniquely and fully with 'the Simple Cup". Whether the perfect utilitarian cup, the sculptural form or a tableau for decoration, we showcase a wide range of cups and people line up to see the show.

The show runs from November 4 to the end of 2017.

KOBO Gallery

604 South Jackson Street

Seattle, WA98104

(206) 381-3000  


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to Mar 30

CRAFTED: Ceramic Cups, Mugs & Tumblers An invitational feature celebrating functional ceramics

CRAFTED: Ceramic Cups, Mugs & Tumblers

An invitational feature celebrating functional ceramics

Opening: Friday, November 3, 2017

Contemporary Craft (CC) Pittsburgh, PA

Contact: Susan Hillman





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to Sep 5

Cedar Creek Gallery National Teapot Show X

Cedar Creek Gallery has hosted this show every three years for the past twenty-six years. Some of the past participants include Bennett Bean, Lanny Bergner, Silvie Granatelli, John Jordan, Fred Johnston, Carol Gentithes, Jen Swearington, Steven Hill, Patrick Horsley, Michael Kehs, Peter Pinnell, Garrett Keisling and Noi Volkov. Over the years, we have developed quite a following of teapot collectors now awaiting the opening of this show.

Although every show is special in its own right, this year’s showing is especially significant as it leads into the 50th anniversary of the gallery. Marking the first kiln opening in 1968 this upcoming fall, we will be celebrating five decades of creating, showcasing and supporting fine craft. Started by two potters, Sid and Pat Oakley, Cedar Creek Gallery has stood the test of time by maintaining its high standard of supporting artisans from all over North America and connecting the public to quality, hand-crafted treasures. Annual festivals and shows like this one contribute to the ongoing narrative that art is necessary to a healthy, happy community and enriches the lives of all those who come across it.

List of the participating artists coming soon!

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to Jun 25

Craftsman House 11th Annual Invitational Teapot Show

Craftsman House

Gallery * Café * Pottery Studio




For the first time, my work is invited to be a part of their 11th Annual Invitational Teapot show. I am looking forward to seeing it!

Craftsman House

Address: 2955 Central Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Phone: (727) 323-2787


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to Jul 1

"People of Color. People of Clay." at Baltimore Clyaworks

May 6- July 1, 2017 
(opening reception May 5th, 6-8)

People of Color. People of Clay.
An exhibition focusing on ceramic artists of color, wherein selected artists are then asked to invite two more artists of their choosing to be in the show. This system will allow artists to pay homage to their mentors or can shine a light onto an unknown and emerging talent.

Baltimore Clayworks

5707 Smith Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209 |P 410.578.1919|F 410.578.0058|info@baltimoreclayworks.org

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to Mar 23

NCECA Expo by 18Hands Gallery in Portland, OR

18 Hands Gallery (formally in TX) will be presenting a wide line up of their representing ceramic artists' work at NCECA Expo section during NCECA Portland in March 2017. My work will be a part of their presentation, please stop by if you are going to participate NCECA in Portland!

The list of the participating artists coming soon!

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to Mar 25

"Put a Bird on it" affiliated with NCECA Portland 2017


Exhibition dates are Tuesday March 21- Saturday March 25
Reception date is Friday March 24, 5-9pm
Hours of operation are TUES - SAT 11 - 7, Wednesday open early at 10 am for NCECA bus tours, Friday open late until 9pm for reception


Redux Boutique, just a few blocks down the street from the Portland Convention Center and near Ash Street Project. The exhibition will be installed in the shop’s two large 4’ x 8’ window front spaces. Street view on Google Maps shows the venue pretty well, if you’d like to see it.

Redux is located at 811 East Burnside #110, Portland, Oregon 97214

Venue Phone: (503) 231 - 7336
Website is www.reduxpdx.com

Participating Artists:

Leanne McClurg Cambric, David Swenson, Shoko Teruyama, Sue Tirrell, Ted Vogel, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Ayumi Horie, Donna Polseno, Jessica Brandl, Julia Galloway, Betsy Williams, Caroline Douglas, Diana Fayt, Jenny Mendes, Karen Newgard, Kip O’Krongly, Kristen Kieffer, Matthew Krousey, Melissa Mencini, Michaelene Walsh, Molly Cantor, Peter Morgan, Shawn Ireland, Arthur Halvorsen

My sincere thank you to the one and only Birdie Boone, for coming up with the idea, put the plan together, and organizing everything for the show. You are the best!

The links and photos coming up soon


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to Dec 24

Americano Invitational

11/18/2016 - 12/24/2016

Americano Invitational
Featuring 30 artists showing their version of the "American Coffee Cup"

Link: https://www.akardesign.com/shows/upcoming.asp#show175

Paritcipating artists:

Kurt Anderson, Andrew Avakian, Ben Bates, Hayne Bayless, H.P. Bloomer, Karl Borgeson, Jessica Brandl, Wayne Branum, Billy Cho, David Crane, Victoria Christen, Bede Clarke, A Blair Clemo, David Crane, Nick Devries, Josh Deweese, Susan Dewsnap, katy Drijber, Paul Eshelman, Maggie Finlayson, Stuart Gair, Perry Haas, Steve Hansen, Kenyon Hansen, Wesley Harvey, Mike Helke, Autumn Higgins, Steven Hill, Shawn Ireland, Tom Jaszczak, Kyle Johns, Sam Johnson, Rob Kolhouse, Matthew Krouosey, Justin Lambert, Heeso Lee, Simon Levin/Kenyon Hansen, Brenda Lichman, Shadow May, Lorna Meaden, Didem Mert, Mark Nafziger, Ted Neal, Brandon Phillips, Lindsay Rogers, Audrey Rosulek, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Shoko Teruyama and Sue Tirrell, 

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to Dec 31

Objective Clay Holiday Show

Objective Clay is a collective of twelve ceramic artists that developed out of the Utilitarian Clay Symposium at Arrowmont back in the fall of 2012. Each member invited one ceramic artist for this year's Holiday Show, it will be an amazing presentation of twenty four ceramic artists. Ms. Kip O'Krongly invited me to be a part of the exciting event. They are organizing to have Instagram updates to introduce the artists every week from September to December, you will have a chance to see not only the finished work images but also their studios, pieces in progress, events in their lives, and other fun images. Hashtags are #ocholidayshow2016, and #objectiveclay, you can check their Facebook account as well.

The link for their website: http://objectiveclay.com/

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to Dec 31

CRAFTED: CERAMIC TABLEWARE at Society for Contemporary Craft


An invitational feature celebrating functional ceramics

CRAFTED is an invitational feature celebrating functional ceramics around the holiday season. This will be the fourth year we've run the program and we are hoping for another successful year! Last year, SCC visitors were excited to see a broader range of artist made ceramic tableware from cups and platters, to pitchers and baking dishes, etc., and we will continue to include a wide selection this year as well. The special feature will start on November 4, 2016 and run throughout the holiday season. 

Society for Contemporary Craft

Stephanie Sun | The Store | 2100 Smallman Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15222

tel 412.261.7003 x 16 | fax 412.261.1941 | contemporarycraft.org

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to Dec 6

Art of the Cup and Teapot Spotlight at Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Art of the Cup and Teapot Spotlight

Since 2008, the Ogden Museum has presented Art of the Cup, featuring two cups each by selected Southern ceramicists. For the third year, we are also welcoming artists to submit a teapot (which is not necessarily required to form a set with the cups entered) for our accompanying exhibit, Teapot Spotlight. Few objects span cultures, time periods, rituals, and daily uses like the teapot and cup.

Prominently installed on the third and fourth floors of the Ogden Museum, Art of the Cup and Teapot Spotlight was viewed by over 24,000 visitors last year, and is an annual favorite because the cups are for sale (available for pick-up or delivery upon exhibition closing.)

Art of the Cup and Teapot Spotlight opens on Thursday, September 1, 2016 and closes on Tuesday, December 6, 2016. We hope you will be a part of this year’s Art of the Cup and join us for an opening reception on Thursday, September 1 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. during our weekly live music series, Ogden After Hours.

Ogden Museum of Southern Art 925 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA 70130 504-539-9633


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to Jul 29

Five day workshop: "Introduction to Japanese Aesthetics in Everyday Pots"

Place: Touchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington, PA

Date: July 25 - 29

Title: Introduction to Japanese Aesthetics in Everyday Pots

skill level: open to all (no previous experience required)

Traditional Japanese pottery has had a strong influence on American ceramics. Some Japanese pottery terms such as Chawan (bowl), Yunomi (daily tea drinking cup), and Kyusu (teapot) have become known in the United States. But do we really know what’s what, how it’s used, and why? And how can we utilize that knowledge to enrich our own life and creations? Japanese pottery offers an opportunity to reflect on the function and aesthetics of daily life. In this workshop, we will learn the historical origins of the Japanese designs, and explore the forms while examining the possibilities. Both wheel-thrown and hand-building techniques will be employed for various subjects. 

For more information, please contact Touchstone Center for Crafts at http://www.touchstonecrafts.org/

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to Sep 10

Latvia International Ceramics Biennale | Martinsons Award

Latvia International Ceramics Biennale | Martinsons Award

The event is aimed to develop and strengthen the role of contemporary ceramic art in Latvia and the region, as well as to commemorate Peteris Martinsons (1931-2013), the best renowned Latvian ceramist who in 2016, would celebrate his 85th birthday anniversary. Since 2013, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre holds the largest selection of artworks by Peteris Martinsons in its Contemporary Ceramics Collection.

Major events of the Latvia International Ceramics Biennale will take place in Daugavpils, Latvia, on 15th – 22nd July, 2016. Several exhibitions of contemporary ceramics, as well as conference, lectures, performances and other activities will be held during the Biennale. The key event will be ‘Martinsons Award’ - the biannual international competition implemented within the Latvia International Ceramics Biennale.



Exhibition venue:
Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre Mihaila str. 3
Daugavpils, LV-5401


My work is included in the exhibition of "Martinsons award" exhibition and shown during the Biennale in Latvia.

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to Jul 18

2016 “Art Meets Nature” residency at Cerdeira Village, Portugal

My husband/metalsmith Jim and Bove and I are invited to participate to the annual " Elementos à Solta (Art Meets Nature) craft festival/residency at Cerdeira Village in Portugal for two weeks in July 2016. This residency offers the access to their ceramic studio, a room, and the participation to the festival. We are very excited to visit Portugal for the first time, and to learn how they make ceramics there.

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