It has been eighteen years since I moved to the United States.

As I grow older and stopped caring all the small things I used to worry, translating one culture to another and uniting them within my limited vocabulary became my hobby.  Then I decided to take this approach to ceramics. How can I create ceramic work that unite us, connect us, and serve us all? Can I create craftwork that offers hope to people? Hopefully and possibly in a subtle, personal way?

This series is my quiet resistance against the current political situation in our time, of isolation and confrontation. Seems like we can use more of those reminders about how similar we are now than ever by exchanging stories and using small conversations instead of abstract fear and anger.

Thus my Genuine Fake China series come with two sides: one with Chinese/Japanese proverb, another with English equivalent (or a saying that has the same nuance). It is my attempt to construct a bridge over the gap and start conversations about so many profound ideas we share even in different languages and cultures. I hope this series of work will be a good reminder to everyone that no matter where ideas originated, things that appeal to us will become universal eventually, if they have a good use. So please use my teapot to serve a cup of green tea, maybe from Starbucks.