There is a reward in creating functional pottery. It is that my work will become a part of the owner who uses and touches it everyday. My work becomes a part of their identity as well as a part of their life.

In this industrial and technology driven age, the question of why we still create and use hand-made objects over mass-produced, technologically sophisticated merchandise should be investigated and discussed. Although there are no concrete answers to me, I believe it partially is a way to establish our identity as an individual and celebrate it. A part of the reason we acquire an original, one-of-a-kind craft object may not only be for the practical use, but also as a vocabulary to describe our identity.  It is also a tool for our little rituals (also known as a daily routine) that we subconsciously participate, in everyday life.

At the same time, as a maker, I hope my work grows on the users to the level of intimacy of a reliable companion who provides unconditional comfort. I hope that my work offers excitement, joy, and affection to the owners. My goal in ceramics is to create functional art with an exciting personality, which will live and work with the people who adopt them.