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Cedar Creek Gallery National Teapot Show X

Cedar Creek Gallery has hosted this show every three years for the past twenty-six years. Some of the past participants include Bennett Bean, Lanny Bergner, Silvie Granatelli, John Jordan, Fred Johnston, Carol Gentithes, Jen Swearington, Steven Hill, Patrick Horsley, Michael Kehs, Peter Pinnell, Garrett Keisling and Noi Volkov. Over the years, we have developed quite a following of teapot collectors now awaiting the opening of this show.

Although every show is special in its own right, this year’s showing is especially significant as it leads into the 50th anniversary of the gallery. Marking the first kiln opening in 1968 this upcoming fall, we will be celebrating five decades of creating, showcasing and supporting fine craft. Started by two potters, Sid and Pat Oakley, Cedar Creek Gallery has stood the test of time by maintaining its high standard of supporting artisans from all over North America and connecting the public to quality, hand-crafted treasures. Annual festivals and shows like this one contribute to the ongoing narrative that art is necessary to a healthy, happy community and enriches the lives of all those who come across it.

List of the participating artists coming soon!