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Simple Cup Show 2017 11th Annual at Seward Park Clay Studio and KOBO Gallery

Seward Park Clay Studio and KOBO Gallery in Seattle, Washington invite you to our 11th Simple Cup Invitational, a much anticipated annual event in Seattle. We have celebrated the work of several hundred artists from North America, Japan and Korea, and we'd like to feature your work this year.

The seemingly diminutive cup is in fact a very individual and personal pot. It is amazing that artists find ways of expressing themselves uniquely and fully with 'the Simple Cup". Whether the perfect utilitarian cup, the sculptural form or a tableau for decoration, we showcase a wide range of cups and people line up to see the show.

The show runs from November 4 to the end of 2017.

KOBO Gallery

604 South Jackson Street

Seattle, WA98104

(206) 381-3000