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Five day workshop: "Introduction to Japanese Aesthetics in Everyday Pots"

Place: Touchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington, PA

Date: July 25 - 29

Title: Introduction to Japanese Aesthetics in Everyday Pots

skill level: open to all (no previous experience required)

Traditional Japanese pottery has had a strong influence on American ceramics. Some Japanese pottery terms such as Chawan (bowl), Yunomi (daily tea drinking cup), and Kyusu (teapot) have become known in the United States. But do we really know what’s what, how it’s used, and why? And how can we utilize that knowledge to enrich our own life and creations? Japanese pottery offers an opportunity to reflect on the function and aesthetics of daily life. In this workshop, we will learn the historical origins of the Japanese designs, and explore the forms while examining the possibilities. Both wheel-thrown and hand-building techniques will be employed for various subjects. 

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