Happy Spring!

Added on by Yoko Sekino-Bove.

In every late April, Washington, PA is full of flowers. Daffodils, Cherries, Muscalis, Tulips, Violets, Dandelions, Magnolias, and Forsythias, everything blooms at once. It had been cold all the way to mid-April, nothing was happening, then, one day, every bud from every plant opens together.

When I grew up in Tokyo, daffodils and plums were the first ones to open in February, Forsythias in two weeks, then Cherry blossoms by mid March. Tokyo has many good spots to see magnificent Cherry blossoms, and every school has a group of them as well. The national news forecast the best days to see famous spots everyday, there were food stands and light up at night for the people to enjoy the blooms after work, it was like a festival. Many people take a trip just to see the famous blooms in different regions. When the petals fell, it was like a snow storm. Standing under a Cherry tree and looking up to see the flowers blown apart made me so melancholic every time. Remembering the Japanese Cherry blossoms makes me miss Japan more than any time of the year.

The white decorative cherry trees (the flowers look more like pear flowers to me) are everywhere in Pennsylvania. My house has a few tall, old cherry tress as well. The way they bloom amazes me every time, each tree turns into a white, fluffy cloud. I wish I could incorporate the flower design into my work. It would be nice if all the cherry flowers in my sketchbooks can bloom on my pots.

For the tenth anniversary of our marriage, we planted three peach trees in our backyard this year. They said peach trees start producing right away, so I may be able to enjoy the fruits in a few years. I hope you would be enjoying the Spring and all the blooms where you live, feeling happy to spend some times outside.