Fall 2014

Added on by Yoko Sekino-Bove.

After the amazing Summer in Wisconsin, I came back home in Washington, PA. My sincere thank you to everyone at John Michael Kohler Art Center and Kohler, Co., for your hospitality and generosity. I had a wonderful experience and learned so much. And Wisconsin is so much fun! I would recommend everyone to check on the Arts/Industry program, and see if you would come up with a dream project.


And now after enjoying the super Harvest moon, I feel like the Fall is starting. The days got shorter already, the leaves are turning red and yellow, and it's getting chilly in the morning. The time flies so fast when we have fun. I am already thinking about the upcoming holiday season, and what kind of new work I can present. There are many good ideas floating in my studio, I just have to catch them. I will upload the list of the galleries that will carry my work in the upcoming holiday season, with some images of new work soon. Til then, have a wonderful Fall and enjoy the changes. Take care and keep yourself warm and comfy at night!