Studio cleaning

Added on by Yoko Sekino-Bove.

This week I am cleaning my home studio, very reluctantly. Before leaving to Kohler residency at Sheboygan, WI, this has to be done. For the first time in nine years.

Usually I am a bit whiny about how small my studio is, but this is the time to get down to my knees and thank the destiny for the size of my space in the basement. Small is good! My excuse was always "but there is a deadline coming up soon" but finally this time, I took care of all the loose end first and now the last firing was done, it's time to put a dust mask on.

By the way, what do all the other potters do with their failed pots? Do they just throw away? Or is there any way to recycle them? Please let me know if you know a good way. I used to use them as a flower pot, but it's not fun to look at the failures (and lots of them) everyday. Besides, most of the shapes are not quite flower pot friendly. So far, I am just making a giant pile of pots in a corner of the backyard, but one day something has to be done. It's a shame to waste them, I hope we can turn them into something useful.

The cleaning is not done yet, but the space expanded to twice the size already. When I come home in September, it will be less shocking comparing to the size of Kohler factory. I will be posting more often about how the residency goes this summer, I wish your summer goes well too. To be continued!