The year I was born/died

Added on by Yoko Sekino-Bove.

Through this website, I received an inquiring e-mail today. It was deep in its own way, thought I should share it with you.

Subject: Assignment

Message: Hey,
I have an assigmment on cultural artists and your art was one of our topics that we could choose. We need to include brief information about the artist, including the year they were born/died. Trying not to be creepy, but... when were you born?


Today at 8:33 AM

Hi Riley,

Thank you for the e-mail and your interest.
I was born in 19XX, and have no plan of dying anytime soon. I will let you know when it occurs.
Good luck with your assignment.



When I have shown the original inquiry to my husband/man muse Jim, he suggested to tell him "I died three years ago." This is why I got married with him, but turning this into a creep contest may not be civic. The question on my side is the "cultural artist" reference, are there any non-cultural artists? Do they make non-cultural artwork? I suppose the word was supposed to suggest "artists from other cultures" but made me think about the American culture (or non-existing of it, according to this wording). He made my day.