The Clay Studio solo show opening

Added on by Yoko Sekino-Bove.

There will be an opening reception of my solos show at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia on Friday, June 7th, 2013. I had been working for this show for the last one and half years and being terrified the whole time. It is a great honor to be given this wonderful opportunity, I cannot find a word to express the excitement. This exhibition presents my Genuine Fake China series, ever expanding. I have been working on the theme of communications and universality of cultures in this series, hope you will have a chance to see them and give me some feedback. The opening will be on the Gallery crawl day in Philadelphia, there will be lots of events and show opening that day. The exhibition will stay until July 14th, 2013. I hope you can stop by and see the pieces in person!

Link for the clay studio:

One thing for sure, that I learned so much from this experience. Every time I create a line of work for a solo exhibition, I compare the work with musicians who create albums (are they still creating albums? The music industry changed so much recently, I am talking about the pre i-pods time, please bare with me). Working toward the goal of one presentation, each work should be individual and unique yet balanced with the others to have a cohesive theme. There were so many pieces I wanted to make for this show, but most of them still live only in my sketchbooks. And volume too. This time, I have been at The Clay Studio before and knew how big the gallery was, which was very helpful, but sometimes I don’t even know how many pieces would be the best volume to present. And thank god my pieces are small and not requiring any special installations! Those artists who do installations are so brave – my sincere salute to them. My pieces tend to look so small and little shy at a gallery space, partially because they are designed for someone’s house, not a big, white gallery space. Great gallery managers know the magic and make the show look so sparkly and enjoyable – that’s an art by itself. My sincere thanks to all the gallery managers and assistants, for all of your hard, constant work.

The work in the photo on this page is titled “We gotta play the game with the hands we got” dessert plate set. It’s a functional gaming device for a Western-style dinner party. After the main course, the server can use the dessert plates to serve a dessert without checking the back of plate, randomly. Each plate has a illustration of a hand holding five cards, away from you on the top/front of the plate, with the hands on the bottom/back. Every participant finishes the dessert and clean the plate before flipping the plate to show their “hands”. From the royal straight flash to total flop, there are various hands in the set, so they can decide the winner. The winner will be the king or queen of the night, including the dessert privilege. Each plate is hand-painted with underglaze, no decals.