Summer adventures

Added on by Yoko Sekino-Bove.

It has been already two months since my last entry – time flies when we have fun. This summer has been packed with adventures and fun projects, I can barely keep up with them.

From the end of June to mid-July, my husband Jim and I spent three weeks in Japan and South Korea. He even climbed up Mt. Fuji with my mother and cousin (well, I didn’t go). When we came back to the US, to find out our living room ceiling leaking. This is still going despite the great roofer, because he found out there were more problems in the overall roof structure. No leaving books or computers in the living room. Then I spent a week at Touchstone Center for the Crafts to teach one-week workshop. Everything worked out great – wonderful people, good facility, and a very reliable studio person (if you need a good studio tech, he may be available)! In the first four days, we fired five bisque kiln and two mid-range glaze kilns between 10 people. At the end of the workshop, everyone agreed that I should be just honest and name the next workshop as “Yoko’s sweatshop”. I hope everyone in the workshop had a great time as much as I did.

Now I am back to my home and studio, there are two exciting projects going on. “Cup: The Intimate Object IX” at Charlie Cummings Gallery in October, and “Annual 30 x 5 show: Sushi Service” at AKAR Design gallery from November to December 2013. I have never made a sushi serving set before, this is a new challenge! The most difficult part is trying not to think too much. Of course if I say that, it’s already happening, right? I will put the images of the sushi sets when the show opens.

I hope your summer is fruitful and packed with excitement as well. My summer adventures to be continued – stay tuned and don’t touch the channel!